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Renderings of a 27-unit apartment building proposed at 50 Hampton Road in Rothesay. Image: Submitted

Rothesay Council Rejects Proposed Apartment Building

By Brad Perry Feb 15, 2023 | 6:23 AM

Rothesay council has unanimously rejected plans for a proposed three-storey apartment building along Hampton Road.

Developer Andrew McKay sought a rezoning to construct a 27-unit building next to the entrance of Arthur Miller Fields.

But council denied the rezoning on Monday night, despite town staff and planning advisory committee members recommending it be approved.

Many councillors expressed disagreement with a traffic study which said the development would have “negligible” impacts on traffic flows along Hampton Road.

“I was concerned that the traffic study did not take into consideration the other three large buildings that have already been approved in that small stretch of highway,” said Coun. Bill McGuire.

Coun. Helen Boyle said Hampton Road is already really congested and the new development would only make things worse.

“I do my own traffic study. I’m not a traffic engineer but it takes 15 minutes to get out of the Rothesay High School parking lot any day of the week,” said Boyle.

Mayor Nancy Grant, who did not get to vote on the rezoning, was the only elected member to express support for the project.

Grant said there is a growing need for housing in the town and across the country, especially rental housing.

“I understand all of the concerns of residents, but with the need for rental housing in our region, I’d like to speak in favour of this project,” she said.

Deputy Mayor Matt Alexander said he agrees with the need for additional housing but was disappointed the proposal only had three units deemed “affordable.”

“I know it’s a definition by the province, but at $1,200 a month, I find that hard to believe that that’s an affordable unit,” said Alexander.

“The other units were quoted at being $2,300 to $2,400 a month. That’s a pretty steep rent, in my opinion.”


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