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Council Debates Crime Prevention Committee

By Tim Davidson Feb 15, 2023 | 1:47 PM

Kenora City council holds it’s open meeting tonight and the hiring of the Crime Prevention Coordinator is top of the agenda.

A majority of council says they want to go ahead and appoint a Crime Prevention and Community Well-Being Advisory Committee before a new employee is hired.

Council is debating the merits of hiring a Crime Prevention and Community Well-Being Coordinator first and appointing a committee or doing it vice-versa.

Council will decide tonight at their open meeting.

Director of Human Resources Roberta Marsh says the have a lot of interest in the Crime Prevention Coordinator position, and applications will close this Friday.

In the meantime, two people have applied to be on the that committee and the city says it can poke different agencies in the community to see if they have any interest having a member appointed.


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