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Town Of Riverview Considers Electric Vehicle Charging Station

By Tara Clow Feb 14, 2023 | 11:09 AM

Ivan Radic / CC

Riverview is looking at adding an electric vehicle charging station in the Town.

Mayor Andrew Leblanc feels it would help boost tourism for Riverview, “Thinking in terms of bringing people into the Town and having Riverview listed. For example, on the NB Power website as a community that has access to that, so that folks who are travelling perhaps on the Fundy park or elsewhere know Riverview is a place where they can stop.”

Leblanc has been researching the idea, and a program NB Power previously offered with grants would help with purchasing and installing.

“I’ve been in touch with NB Power and the staff there and they are looking to see if they can reinstate that funding program. I’ve had the town placed on a waitlist,” Leblanc adds.

He says there would be a cost involved based on research he has done of other communities, “About $7200 plus installation after receiving a grant from NB Power. So not a huge amount of cost but certainly an impact on the budget and we would need to either replace something else in the budget or free up some funding.”

A motion was put forth by Councillor-at-Large Cecile Cassista.  Town Council then voted in favour of having staff investigate the process further.

“I think it’s important that we move forward. I think we need to be proactive and look into this. I think it’s something that is well worth us moving forward and checking out and investigating to see if it’s something that council wants to move on,” Cassista says.


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