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Trudeau Comments On Objects Shot Down

By Adam Riley Feb 13, 2023 | 5:33 PM

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a press availability Monday in Yukon

Recovery efforts continue in Yukon to locate an object that was shot down by a US fighter aircraft on Saturday.

Conveniently Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in the territory, meeting with its leadership and says it is still unknown of the objects point of origin, but work remains ongoing.

“There is much analysis going on at the highest levels of NORAD, in both Canada and the United States to try and understand more.”

The Yukon incident is the 3rd of four objects to have been intercepted since a last week, yesterday another object was downed over Lake Huron.

Trudeau was also questioned on the effectiveness of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, given how far some of these objects have been able to make it into the continent’s airspace.

He says the system works.

“Canadians and Americans are in the join command for protection of our territory. So as its picked up over Alaska by NORAD we are part of tracking that in Canada as well.”

Additionally when questioned on why American jets are intercepting the objects over Canadian airspace, he says both countries scrambled aircraft.

It was based on the contexts and the situations of who was there, who had the capacity to do it before we lost the object into darkness.”

Ultimately the decision to down the object did come from Trudeau.



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