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Group In Clare Wants Ban On Fireworks

By Kevin Northup Feb 10, 2023 | 12:06 PM

Jamie / CC

A group in Clare have raised concerns about fireworks in the region.

They made a presentation to council last week, outlining a number of issues.

They say fireworks frighten pets, trigger people with PTSD, and can have a negative impact on wildlife.

Group member Germaine Comeau of Meteghan River says all of these issues should be taken into account.

“The committee would like to see a complete ban of fireworks in the Clare area, but we realize that might not come true, because there are a lot of people that enjoy them too,” says Comeau.

They say a number of people are using fireworks recreationally, and not just for festivals.

During the presentation, Denise Comeau of Comeauville said one of her horses was spooked by fireworks in 2021, and was injured after running into an electric fence.

Germaine Comeau says she’d at least like to see the private use of fireworks banned.

“Because people don’t know it’s happening. They’ll go and buy them, and set them off without any warning to the population.”

She says the citizens started a committee last fall, and they have a common goal to preserve the environment.

Comeau says council’s by-law committee will review the issue further.


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