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(Photo: Premier Blaine Higgs CPAC)

Look Long and Hard at Healthcare Delivery, Says NB Premier

By Tara Clow Feb 9, 2023 | 11:10 AM

Meetings are expected to be held with Canada’s Premiers this week to discuss a proposed $196 billion healthcare deal from the federal government.

New Brunswick’s Premier Blaine Higgs says it wasn’t what they asked for, but it is something, “I think we have to face reality, we have what we have. So, we’ll decide, what’s the next best step and where do we go from here.   And then how do we work together to get better outcomes and what can we learn from each other in their health delivery services?”

Higgs adds it’s time for the country to start looking long and hard at the delivery of healthcare in Canada and how to become more innovative in that.

“Better technology, better use of best practices, maybe around the world, but across Canada, better sharing of data, better oversight of what we do every day. In our respective provinces. I think all of these things the public probably says there are areas that we can all improve upon.”

He adds that it’s time to get more creative with how to deliver healthcare and what is available to the provinces.

With labour shortages and an aging population, Higgs feels a new approach needs to be considered to have more immigrants that are fully certified coming from other countries and to get them right to work.

“Let’s have the frank discussion with our union leaders, with associations, with doctors, nurses, all of the folks that actually see it every day. And let’s start saying asking what can we do differently, to make your work easier, to ensure we get better results for the patients.” Higgs stated.


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