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Liberals Accuse PC’s of Withholding Number on Family Doctor Waitlist

By Caitlin Snow Feb 9, 2023 | 10:50 AM


Over a hundred thousand people are waiting for a family doctor in Nova Scotia

But The Liberals are accusing Houston’s government of keeping the exact number, away from the public.

In a news release they claim the amount should be released within the first five business days of the month, but so far, nothing for February.

“Since coming into office, the doctor waitlist has nearly doubled under the Houston government,” says Health and Wellness shadow minister Brendan Maguire. “That’s obviously troublesome for a government that was elected to fix healthcare but withholding information from Nova Scotians won’t make the problem go away. Premier Houston needs to be honest about the state of healthcare.”

The opposition party says Premier Tim Houston used the waitlist as part of his campaign promise to fix health care, only to now question it’s validity and withhold the number,

In response to the doctor waitlist being withheld last fall, the Liberal caucus tabled the Need a Family Practice Registry Accountability Act that would require the government to release the doctor waitlist numbers within the first five business days of each month. The bill was not passed by the Houston government.


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