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Moncton Headstart Hit Again By Catalytic Converter Thieves

By Tara Clow Feb 8, 2023 | 1:47 PM

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Devastation after another catalytic converter theft at Moncton Headstart.

It was cut from their bus overnight between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Executive Director Caroline Donelle says, “It just makes me furious.  Number one, it happened to us just 14 months ago with the other bus. Once again, we’ve got two buses out of commission. We’ve got 20 kids who won’t be coming to the centre to get fed this week and looked after and cared for.”

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The bus is used each day to transport kids in Greater Moncton to and from the centre.

Donelle says they made sure the buses were parked in front of the building, which is located at 1111 Mountain Road. That’s one of the steps they began taking last year again after a catalytic converter was stolen.

“We’re facing the Wendy’s across the street, on a pretty busy corner. So the idea was, we’re right in front, but apparently, that didn’t deter whoever did this. There are cameras on the street. We called the police this morning. Hopefully, we’ve got some good footage that we can pinpoint who the perpetrators are, but I don’t know,” Donelle adds.

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She is also beginning to question the safety of their location after this latest incident, “Do we have to worry now at the end of every day when the doors are locked, that we’re going to be targeted?”

She also questions why these types of thefts are happening at all in our city.

The replacement of a catalytic converter on a vehicle can cost over $2000 and Donelle there’s no guarantee it’ll be replaced through Insurance.

“We’re nonprofit. We’re a charitable organization. We’re partially funded by the Ministry of Education in Early Childhood Development, and some of our other funds come from grants and from donations. We operate on a string and we do really important work. We work with families who need support. So when we are grounded like this, it just breaks my heart,” Donelle adds.


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