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File photo Image: Randy Thoms

Minister to Review Nat’l LTC Standards

By Randy Thoms Feb 2, 2023 | 2:19 PM

The Minister of Long-Term Care isn’t prepared to make any immediate changes to its standards following the release of new voluntary guidelines for long-term care homes.

The voluntary standards come from the Health Standards Organization and CSA Group.

The federal government asked the two groups to come up with the standards after several long-term care homes were hit hard by the pandemic.

When asked, Ontario’s Minister Paul Calandra says he wants to compare them with the province’s own.

“I’ve no interest in watering down with Ontario’s already doing. If the federal standards don’t meet our standards, I have no qualms saying that we will continue to follow Ontario’s high standards,” says Calandra.

Calandra notes Ontario was one of the leaders in the level of care when it promised a model of four hours per day per patient by 2025.

Labour welcomes the standards but it would like all homes brought out of private hands.


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