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City Begins Long Process Of Working On The 2023 Budget

By Tim Davidson Jan 31, 2023 | 10:46 AM

Kenora City Council is holding at least three meetings this week to go over the Capital Budget.

Council started the 2023 budget process on Monday.

CAO Kyle Attanasio says they would like to present a draft of the Capital plan as early as next week.

“If we feel that we want to have to have a day or two to think about it, we can do that and come back on Wednesday evening.  But we need to be prepared to have a conservation about what items are coming out, or any new items that are coming in, and we need to get that accomplished that this week,” Attanasio told city council at their first budget meeting.

In terms of the Operating Budget, Attanasio says they are looking right now at an increase of 13 percent because inflation is hiking the cost of fuel, insurance on top of the usual increases in wages, and benefits.

Municipal Engineer Marco Vogrig add that it’s important to get the Capital Budget passed sooner rather than later so they can send projects out to tender as soon as possible.

City council met all day Monday without deciding on a tax rate increase for 2023.

Attanasio says the Senior Management Teams have made plans for either a 4, 6 or 8 percent increase that council has to decide on.


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