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Redemption Centre Adds Glass Recycling Pilot Project

By Tamara Steele Jan 30, 2023 | 4:40 PM

Golden Mile Redemption Centre is part of a pilot project where they can accept donations of non-redeemable glass. Image supplied by Mike Hamilton.

Saint Johners are excited to get rid of the glass jars taking up space in their homes.

Golden Mile Redemption Centre on the west side is accepting some glass jars for a pilot project.

Manager Mike Hamilton said the idea came through the Eastern Recyclers Association to recycle glass, like wine bottles without labels, along with salsa and jam jars.

“Glass is infinitely recyclable technically because it’s so stable, chemically speaking. It doesn’t really react with a lot of stuff when you try to recycle it, so you can turn it into a lot of really cool stuff. It’s an easier one to try and get through the system,” Hamilton said.

When people are bringing in their glass for recycling, Hamilton said they appreciate it if the items are clean.

“Whether they are a non-redeemable glass container or a can of pop or a beer can, we always appreciate it if you can take the lids off and clean them out,” he said.

“In terms of the non-redeemable glass, it’s really appreciated if you can keep it separate from the redeemable stuff. You have a bunch of olive oil containers and you want to bring the back to get them recycled, just put them in a box and bring them in like that.”

Glass donations will be sent to Montreal. From there, Hamilton said the glass will be sold on to other markets as needed.

Did you know we take NON-Redeemable glass for recycling now too?! As part of a pilot project for the foreseeable future…

Posted by Golden Mile Redemption Centre on Friday, January 13, 2023


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