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Name the Snowplow Contest Returns in Minnesota

By Randy Thoms Jan 26, 2023 | 7:51 AM

Duck, Duck the Orange Truck earned its name in the 2021 Name the Snowplow contest in Minnesota. Photo courtesy MnDot

Over 10,000 suggestions have been whittled down to sixty in the latest Name a Snowplow contest from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The department is looking to name eight new plows.

The public can now vote on this year’s nominees.

They include Alice Scooper, Kim Kardashing Thru the Snow, Taylor Drift, and the Name’s Plow, Snowplow.

Voting runs until February 3.

Click the link to vote.

The winning selections will be announced later next month

This is the third year that MnDOT has invited the public to help name a group of the state’s 800-plus snowplows.

Some of the previous names have included Betty Whiteout, Blizzard of Oz and Edward Blizzardhands from 2022; and Plowy McPlowFace, Plow Bunyan and The Truck Formerly Known As Plow (reference to the late Minnesota-born musician Prince).

Here is the list of this year’s nominees;

Here are the 60 finalists as selected by the Minnesota Department of Transportation;

  1. Aaron Brrrr, Sir
  2. Ace of Blades
  3. Ain’t My First Snowdeo
  4. Alice Scooper
  5. As the Snow Flies
  6. Best in Snow
  7. Better Call Salt
  8. Beyonsleigh
  9. Blader Tot Hotdish
  10. Blades of Flurry
  11. Bladezilla
  12. Blizzo
  13. Bobsled Dylan
  14. Bohemian Rhapsnowdy
  15. Buzz Iceclear
  16. Camp Scoopy
  17. Clark Blizzwald
  18. Clearopathra
  19. For Cold Times’ Sake
  20. Freeze Louise
  21. Goonodaabaan (Ojibwe word for “snow vehicle”)
  22. Han Snowblo
  23. Harmon Chillebrew
  24. Here We Snow Again
  25. Hippoplowtamus
  26. I Came, I Thaw, I Conquered
  27. Ičamna (Dakota word for “blizzard”)
  28. It’s a Squall World After All
  29. Just Scraping By
  30. Kim KarDashing Thru the Snow
  31. L’etoile du Nordy
  32. Lollaplowlooza
  33. Mary Tyler More Snow
  34. Melton John
  35. Mighty Morphin Plower Ranger
  36. Miracle on Ice
  37. One Plow Two Plow Red Plow Blue Plow
  38. Optimus Brine
  39. Orange You Glad to See Me
  40. Paisley Plow
  41. Plow Patrol
  42. Plowabunga!
  43. Plower to the People
  44. Plowie Anderson
  45. Point of Snow Return
  46. Queen El-ice-abeth II
  47. Say It Ain’t Snow
  48. Scoop! There it is
  49. Sir Plows-a-Lot
  50. SKOL Plow
  51. Sleetwood Mac
  52. Snow and Tell
  53. Snow Force One
  54. Spirit of ’91
  55. Taylor Drift
  56. Ted Las-snow
  57. The Name’s Plow, Snowplow
  58. Waipahiƞte (Dakota word for “snowplow”)
  59. Wolfgang Amadeus Snowzart
  60. Yer a Blizzard, Harry


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