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Temporary Bridge Opens On Salisbury Main Street

By Tara Clow Jan 24, 2023 | 1:30 PM

(Photo: courtesy of Facebook)

A temporary fix is now in place on Route 106/Main Street in Salisbury.

The Department of Transportation installed a one-lane bridge over an area where the culvert collapsed.

Mayor Rob Campbell has mixed emotions, “Happier than traffic being diverted throughout a subdivision which was causing major safety issues, but disappointed that long term it had to come to this.”

Campbell adds the Department of Transportation has ensured him that they will have a permanent fix this summer.

“We obviously want to accelerate the timelines on that permanent fix, now we just need to hold them accountable,” Campbell adds.

He says this is a great example of why we need to be proactive when it comes to roadways.

“We have another area leading into our community on 106 near our Legion, that is just one weather event away from a washout. It’s eroded right to the edge of the road. We’ve constantly brought it up with DTI, and we really want to point out that we can no longer wait for emergencies to take care of infrastructure. They need to be taken care of immediately. In this case, there would not be any rerouting, and it would be a very big economic impact and an inconvenience,” Campbell says.

Salisbury is used as a gateway to

He has plans to meet with Minister Carr and the Department of Transportation in the coming weeks.

Campbell is hoping they’ll have some positive conversations with good outcomes that can elevate projects like this to get corrected.

As for the temporary fix on Main Street, Campbell says because it is down to one lane, motorists can expect some slowdowns and traffic delays until it is fixed permanently.


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