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‘Did you kill Colton Cook?’ Video of Robert Rogers’ interviews with police played in court

By Jakob Postlewaite Jan 18, 2023 | 7:35 PM

Yarmouth Justice Centre.

The video of Robert Rogers’ interviews with police was played today at the trial for the murder of Colton Cook.

RCMP sergeant Greg Vardy interviewed Rogers on October first 2020 after he was arrested on charges of second degree murder and interference with human remains.

In the video, Vardy asks Rogers point-blank if he killed Cook.

“Did you kill Colton Cook?”

“I can’t say nothing,” Rogers responds. “My counsel told me not to say nothing.”

Vardy proceeds to question Rogers about his family and a car accident he had recently been in before bringing the subject back to Cook’s death.

He asks Rogers what kind of person would kill Colton Cook.

“One who’s not in their right mind.” Rogers responds.

Vardy then asks Rogers if there was any way someone could be forgiven for an act like that.

“I doubt it,” says Rogers. “By others or by a higher power.”

The two then discussed Rogers issues with alcohol before turning the subject to the night of September 25th, 2020, the night Colton Cook disappeared.

Rogers says he does not remember much of that day because he had been drinking. He also denies knowing Cook or seeing him at the South Ohio residence connected to the case.

Later, Vardy interviews Rogers again. In this interview he tells Rogers there is no doubt he is responsible for Cook’s death and urges him to share his side of the story.

“There’s no doubt you’re directly involved in this.” Vardy says. “If this was your son, would you want the answers?”

Court adjourned for the day before the full video of Vardy’s interviews with Rogers could be played. It will continue when court resumes tomorrow morning.

Today was the seventh day for the jury trial in Yarmouth.

Earlier in the day the court heard more from an RCMP forensic identification specialist about photos taken at the crime scenes.

Corporal Dean Martin testified that he had attended and photographed a trail off Pitman Road where Cook’s burned out truck and severed leg were found, Cook’s residence, Saunders Road where Cook’s remains were found, at the home owned by Keith Siscoe Jr. in South Ohio and two other vehicles.

Martin also photographed Rogers when he had been arrested unrelated to Cook’s murder investigation. He also photographed clothes seized from Rogers and Wayne Crawford, the latter of whom has pleaded guilty to the second degree murder of Cook.

He also photographed the chainsaw and machete where Cook’s DNA was later identified.


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