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‘He never had a chance’: man connected to Colton Cook murder testifies at trial

By Jakob Postlewaite Jan 16, 2023 | 5:35 PM

Yarmouth Justice Centre.

Testimony about the night Colton Cook died from one of the men connected to his murder.

Warning: this story contains graphic and disturbing details.

Keith Siscoe Jr, who has pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact to murder in the case, took the stand at the jury trial in Yarmouth today.

He detailed his account of what took place at his South Ohio home the night Colton Cook was murdered.

Siscoe Jr. told the court Cook arrived at his home sometime after 11 p.m. Though Siscoe says they had never met prior to that night, the two went inside, sat at a table and proceeded to drink and arm wrestle. He said Cook had arrived looking for “his wifey”.

He says Robert Rogers and Wayne Crawford were both at his home at the time.

Siscoe Jr. says he later fell asleep and awoke to find Cook speaking with Crawford in the corner of the room. Siscoe Jr. says he was awoken by the sound of gunfire and Cook started screaming.

“His face was bloody, his back was bloody.” Siscoe Jr. told the court.

Siscoe Jr. then said he saw Rogers run into the room with a machete and assault Cook.

“He had it so quick.” said Siscoe Jr.

He says Rogers jumped on Cook and began stabbing downward, then he started to slash at Cook’s body shouting profanity as he carried out the attack. Siscoe Jr. said he did not see Cook fight back.

“He never had a chance.” said Siscoe Jr.

After Rogers stepped away from Cook, Siscoe Jr. says Crawford got on top of him and began stabbing him in the chest with a knife.

Siscoe Jr. says he sat in a chair watching the scene and after Cook was dead he went outside and sat on a bench before the other two came outside to check on him.


Siscoe Jr. says there was then talk of how to dispose of the body. He says the three men loaded Cook’s body into Cook’s truck and brought it to an overgrown driveway on Mood road. Cook’s right leg had been severed.

Siscoe Jr. says Rogers then made the decision to burn Cook’s truck. They left the truck and returned to the South Ohio home. Siscoe Jr. says he remained in the home while Rogers took a bicycle to where he left the truck to set it on fire and then returned to the home.

The three men then burned their clothes and a mattress Cook’s body had been lying on according to Siscoe Jr.

He says he called his father to tell him what happened. He says his father hung up on him and he called many more times before his father later arrived at the South Ohio home.

Later, the three men were at Keith Siscoe Sr.’s home and Siscoe Jr. says Rogers “said he would be a man and take responsibility for what he had done and turn himself in.” Siscoe Jr. says Rogers asked him how to spell ‘responsible’.

A note was found at Siscoe Sr.’s home the next day that appeared to be a confession from Rogers to the murder of Cook.

Siscoe Jr. says as attention to Cook’s murder grew, so did suspicion of his connection to the murder. He says he and his family received multiple threats.

“I was scared for my life, people burned down my house.” said Siscoe Jr.

The South Ohio home was burned to the ground in November 2020. The fire had been deemed suspicious.

Siscoe Jr. was arrested in relation to Cook’s murder on December 17, 2020. He says he has made no deals with crown attorneys to testify in the case.

“I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do.” Siscoe Jr. told the court.

Siscoe Jr.’s cross examination will continue tomorrow in Yarmouth Supreme Court.

The court also saw video from the South Ohio Esso related to the case and heard testimony from a friend of Robert Rogers who had stolen a chainsaw that may be connected to the case.

Rogers is currently standing trial for second degree murder and interference with human remains.

Crawford has pleaded guilty to the second degree murder charge.

Today was the fifth day of the jury trial.


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