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Liberals Slam PC’s After Legal Action Threatened on MLA

By Caitlin Snow Jan 11, 2023 | 12:16 PM

The Liberals are slamming the PC’s after they threatened legal action on a local MLA.

Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin on FB calling on the Houston government for answers after Alison Holthoff died in an Amherst Emergency room on New Year’s Eve after 7 hours.

In the News Release, the Liberals Say Smith-McCrossin did not receive a response from the Department of Health, but rather the Department of Justice.

“My heart goes out to the Holthoff family who is dealing with an unimaginable loss. In a devastating situation like this, the Houston government should be providing answers from its health department, rather than threats from its justice department,” says Liberal Leader Zach Churchill. “People shouldn’t be afraid to speak out about the issues in our healthcare system.”

The letter, having received public attention, has been rescinded.

“There’s no room for political motivation in a situation as delicate as this,” says Churchill. “Premier Houston needs to explain why his government’s first response to this tragedy was a legal threat and not compassion for this grieving family.”


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