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Ring In The New Year With A Polar Dip

By Tara Clow Dec 28, 2022 | 11:39 AM

(Photo: Dorchester Polar Dip )

Looking for the perfect way to kickstart the New Year?

How about a Polar Dip in Palmers Pond?

Spokesperson Dan Matthews says daring dippers have been doing this for 30 years, “Back in 1994, someone dared another to go jump in the lake. And the guy said he would do it, but asked what it was worth to him. He bet him $20 that he wouldn’t go jump in the lake, and from there the event was born.”

The dip is done on January 1st, at 12:30 pm, just East of Water Street in Dorchester. Just request a registration form via email and fill it out and present it, along with your sponsor sheet for a minimum of $25.

Matthews says they’ve heard a lot of stories over the past 30 years, with the reasons behind why people have wanted to do the Polar Dip, “One lady dressed up in her wedding attire after her divorce, just to solidify the situation. She even had her wedding party do the dip with her.”

Registration begins at 12:30, and the first Dipper enters the water at 1 pm, and Matthews says it’s usually over by 1:30 pm.

“Bring an old pair of flip-flops or sneakers. The mud on the bottom is gooey and it gets between your toes and when you walk out in the snow afterwards, it gets you cold real fast,” Matthews adds.

Dippers must be four feet tall, for safety reasons. The Dorchester Fire Department is on hand to provide security and no one gets caught under the ice. Emergency response Teams are also on hand in case someone does go into distress, “So far, in 30 years, services haven’t been requested, knock on wood. But they are available just in case,” Matthews says.

The number of dippers fluctuates anywhere from 10 to 48 and they come from all over the world, “We’ve had dippers from as far away as Austria,” Matthews says.

The number of spectators though is usually between 100 and 200.

All of the funds raised go to the Dorchester Lions Club, to support other local groups, including high schools, children’s programs, and bursaries.

If you would like to take part, email dorchesterweblion@gmail.com

(Photo: Dorchester Lions Club)



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