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Dawn Arnold (91.9 The Bend Photo)

Growth Comes With Challenges – Moncton Mayor

By Allan Dearing Dec 22, 2022 | 5:48 AM

The City of Moncton is growing like never before according to the mayor.

In a year-end interview, Dawn Arnold said there have been successes and challenges in 2022 associated with that fast growth.

“The high cost of living, the difficulty of finding affordable housing – that’s a big one and that’s having a direct impact on our community. And of course, we are seeing more vulnerable individuals and they are struggling with really serious issues.”

She said Moncton seems to be attracting young families right now and refers to the trend as the ‘under-40 baby boom’.

When asked if we were growing too quickly, Arnold noted how employers don’t seem to think so.

“Workforce is a huge issue for them. Finding people to do the jobs and provide the services that we need in our community is a topic that comes up with virtually every single employer that I meet with.”

Arnold added she prefers to see high density growth and development within the city’s serviceable urban boundary.

The mayor voted against two housing developments off Elmwood Drive this fall since both were outside the boundary and will require city infrastructure.

The projects were ultimately approved since most of city council voted in favour.

EDITOR’S NOTE: More stories from 91.9 The Bend’s year-end interview with Mayor Arnold will be coming over the next few weeks.


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