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NB Premier Blaine Higgs (Image: Zoom)

Acadian Society Seeks PC Leadership Review

By Allan Dearing Dec 21, 2022 | 3:46 PM

The Acadian Society of New Brunswick has asked the Progressive Conservatives to hold a leadership review in an open letter with nearly 50 signatories.

The Society believes Premier Blaine Higgs is sowing discord between the province’s linguistic and cultural communities.

The open letter was signed mainly by francophone groups, mayors and unions.

In response, Higgs says he’s willing to speak in-depth on every issued the Society has raised.

“Part of my time as premier and what I’ve been doing and continue to do, is not walk away from some of the things that we have typically walked away from.”

The Society cites the premier’s lack of respect on issues such as the Official Languages Act, French immersion and the relationship with First Nations.

“I’m not here just to have time in office. I’m here to have a generational change in our province… and we’re seeing it,” adds Higgs.

The Society says it has lost confidence with the premier on issues like abolishing the democratically-elected health authority boards, lack of health care and education spending and underfunding of arts, culture, sports and recreation.

The organization urges the Progressive Conservatives to hold a leadership review before February 9, 2023, the date set for the next State of the Province address.


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