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NB Health Care Coalition Says Urgent Healthcare Changes Needed

By Tara Clow Dec 16, 2022 | 11:06 AM

Michael Havens / CC

Healthcare was the focus of a rally held in front of CF Champlain in Moncton on Friday.

Members of the New Brunswick Health Care Coalition took part.

They’re raising awareness of the urgent need for the provincial government to invest more resources in the public healthcare system.

In a document released today entitled “Health Care Crisis: The Time to Act is Now“, the Coalition proposes a series of solutions they believe if implemented, will greatly improve and modernize our public healthcare system.

According to Bernadette Landry, co-chair of the Coalition, “The pandemic has highlighted the critical shortage of staff throughout the healthcare sector, in hospitals as well as in nursing homes, special care homes, etc. Premier Higgs’ response to the health crisis was to get rid of the boards of both health authorities and change the Minister of Health. We are convinced that any changes to our healthcare system must be based first and foremost on a good knowledge of each of the communities to be served, the specific needs and resources of each one, a good action plan and continuous evaluation of results, as well as the adjustment of resource allocations based on the results obtained and on the principle of community equity.”

The Coalition believes a reorganization of the healthcare sector is needed in an effort to ensure better integration and coordination of all healthcare services,.

They’re proposing all services should be under the Department of Health, and also propose transferring responsibility for seniors to this department, gradually bringing nursing homes, special care homes and home care under the Health Department.

The Coalition also feels the government should stop using private companies to deliver health care services.

“The government must stop dismantling our public healthcare system and start improving and modernizing it,” concluded Bernadette Landry.


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