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Riverview Town Councillor Turns To Santa To Restore Bridge Lights

By Tara Clow Dec 15, 2022 | 12:43 PM

(Photo: TDCB)

Being good all year long appears to have paid off for a Riverview Town Councillor.

Heath Johnson jokes that he sent a letter to Santa Claus asking for the repair of the lights on the Gunningsville Bridge.

“When I first was elected to Council two years ago, the lights on the Moncton side were out. They were replaced, but not long after they were repaired, Grinches came and stole the copper on the bridge itself. So it has been a long time now since the bridge was fully illuminated and safe for everybody to get across. I really begrudge the Grinches who keep coming and taking the lights away from everybody,” Johnson says.

He figured a letter to the North Pole might help because Santa Claus is known for giving gifts and making people happy.

“The latest I heard was that Santa was sending some of his elves to go and work on the lights on the bridge. I have seen the elves busy at work over the course of the last week or so. I’ve got my fingers crossed that before Christmas, we’re going to see the bridge lit up at the end,” Johnson says.

Johnson says having the lights on is important for the safety of pedestrians and motorists trying to cross at night, “It’s in contrast to the new bridge across the river. When you drive across, it is well-lit, and you feel safe. You can see all four lanes at once. Pedestrians going across can see where they’re walking, and they can see the river.   Purely from a safety perspective,  I think it’s important to have the lights back on.”

He has one other hope, with respect to the thieves that stole the copper, “As we saw in the movie with the Grinch. At some point, I hope their heart grows in size and they decide to leave the lights alone.”


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