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Lunenburg Looks to Change Street and Park Names

By Evan Taylor Dec 12, 2022 | 2:06 PM

The Town of Lunenburg. Photo: Town of Lunenburg.

The Town of Lunenburg is considering changing the names of two of its parks and a street to names that recognize indigenous and black history.

Earlier this month the town’s Anti-Racism Committee voted unanimously to recommend three name changes along with suggestions on what they should be changed to.

Cornwallis Street which is believed to be named after Edward Cornwallis has been recommended to change to Samqwan Street, which is an indigenous word for water.

The two parks up for name changes are Blockhouse Hill Park and 250th Anniversary Park, the recommended changes for which respectively are Labrador Park and Syliva park.

The Labrador name recognizes the Labrador family, who are indigenous and to this day still do work promoting indigenous culture around Lunenburg County.

The name Sylvia recognizes the former slave of Col. John Creighton who is known only by her first name and is believed to have played a key role in defending Lunenburg when it was raided by Americans in 1782.

Other names discussed and considered by the Committee include:

• Reconciliation
• Queen
• Gta’n: Mi’kmaw word for Ocean
• Matlot: Mi’kmaw word for Sailor
• E’se’katik: Mi’kmaw place name for Lunenburg means place of clams
• Nitap: Mi’kmaw word for Friend
• Merligueche: Mi’kmaw word for “whitecaps which topped the waves” in the harbour
• Kluscap (Glooscap)


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