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Image: Alex Graham

Saint John Welcomes 153K Cruise Passengers In 2022

By Brad Perry Dec 9, 2022 | 12:00 PM

Port Saint John is looking back on a successful cruise ship season in 2022.

Cruise ships were non-existent in the previous two seasons due to the pandemic.

While the return of cruise was welcomed by many, others still had concerns because of COVID-19.

Craig Estabrooks, president and CEO of Port Saint John, said they started the year with many unknowns.

“I think we all really came together and understood how to bring back the cruise industry in a safe way that was very conscious of the public health requirements and the impact COVID had on citizens,” said Estabrooks.

“It was on all of us to come together and have cruise resume in a safe, sustainable way and that happened.”

The port worked with several partners to make that happen, he said, including public health officials and Transport Canada.

Saint John welcomed approximately 153,000 cruise passengers and 77,000 crew this year. The ships on average were 80 per cent full.

Estabrooks said they are excited by the high demand for Saint John and other markets across Atlantic Canada.

“We have a very attractive region with lots of things to do, and people really enjoy being here,” he said.

“We’re very happy to welcome those folks back, and I think the future is very bright.”

In September, Port Saint John welcomed its 3 millionth cruise ship guest since 1989 when a ship en route to Bermuda was diverted to the city due to a hurricane.

The industry now accounts for $68 million in annual economic impact in the region.

“I think cruising up the Bay of Fundy is a great way to see Saint John for the first time,” said Estabrooks. “And in the window that you’re here, I think you’re going to see enough that it’s going to entice you back.”

With files from Huddle reporter Alex Graham. Huddle is an Acadia Broadcasting content partner.


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