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Anicinabe Park Operator Seeks Extension

By Tim Davidson Dec 7, 2022 | 8:46 AM

The operator of Anicinabe Park is looking for at least a two year extension of their contract with the city.

Susan Evenden from Middle Lake Enterprises says they’ve seen occupancy at their camp sites go up every year they run the park.

“(Occupancy in) 2019 was 76.4, 2020 was 82.2, 2021 was 88.4, 2022 was 89.8…all of this during COVID years so we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished there,” Evenden told city council this week at their Committee of the Whole meeting.

Evenden adds that they have big plans for the city owned park but they need time to achieve them.

“We’re committed to growth.  We’re committed to the on-going improvements of Anicinabe Park.  We’re very clear on our plans, summer and winter for the park”.

She says that includes a winter lights display, they are installing for the first time this year.

Middle Lake has a five year contract to run Anicinabe Park, with a two year extension if the city approves it.

Evenden says ideally they would like a 10 year extension so they can do improvements will a longer term pay back.

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