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Moncton City Council, 17 Oct 2022 (Webex)

Technology Upgrades For Moncton City Hall

By Allan Dearing Dec 2, 2022 | 6:34 AM

Moncton City Council has agreed to go ahead with technology upgrades to council chambers and the first floor boardroom at city hall.

Moncton information systems director Ryan Sorrey has told council that technology has advanced and meetings are now both virtual and in-person.

“What we’ve seen in the world that we’re now living in is that things are very hybrid. We’re not going back from a hybrid scenario anytime in the near future as far as I’m concerned.”

Sorrey said the production of city council meetings will become more in-house.

“Rogers TV does a great job of it right now and we’re trying to get that production element at a high level. What’s important to us is that the feed is then owned so it can be shared through Facebook, YouTube or livestreamed.”

The $225,000 cost has already been budgeted while another $125,000 will be spent on replacing furniture and interior renovations.

City council gave approval for an RFP process this week which will find a company to carry out the upgrades early in the new year.

During the renovations, council meetings will be conducted virtually.


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