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RCMP Trying To Remain Optimistic Over Homelessness Issue

By News Dec 2, 2022 | 1:10 PM

(Photo: Riverview Town Council Committee of the Whole)

With winter just weeks away, Riverview’s Mayor has expressed concerns over the number of people living rough.

During a Committee of the Whole meeting, Andrew Leblanc asked whether there have been requests for increased RCMP services, “Are you anticipating an increased demand in RCMP services? I know a lot of that pressure is put on policing services when it’s not necessarily a policing issue, but right now it seems to be eyes turning to RCMP for that. What are you doing to prepare for that?”

Staff-Sergeant Dave Macdonnell says he is trying to remain optimistic, “It is an issue that’s in the forefront right now. I’m hoping that there’ll be more resources. I’ve seen some articles recently with regard to extra beds that are going to be open in the Moncton area.  Optimistically, I’m hoping that’s going to help but I’m also cautious in knowing that when there are no other resources there, it tends to fall back on the police.”

Macdonnell says they are planning for issues, but his hope is there will be more resources to handle homelessness.

He adds, “We do realize that it’s an issue that there’s no easy solution.  However, any help we can get along the way is much appreciated.”

Outreach Director Trevor Goodwin of YMCA ReConnect recently reported over 500 people living rough on the streets of Greater Moncton.

“It is seniors, it is youth, it is working poor individuals who have lost a job and missed a paycheque and are sleeping in their cars because the cost of living is going up, rents are going up – and there is zero protection,” Goodwin noted.

The recent death of a homeless man in a public washroom near Moncton City Hall left people outraged, with many stating his death could have been prevented.

With files from Allan Dearing and Tara Clow


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