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Labour Wants Province To Accept Bill 124 Ruling

By Randy Thoms Dec 1, 2022 | 8:14 AM

Patty Coates, president of the Ontario Labour Federation, speaking on the court ruling that declared Bill 124 unconstitutional.

The same labour groups that fought Bill 124 are now united in a call for the Ford government to work with them.

An Ontario court justice struck down the bill this week, calling it unconstitutional for infringing on workers’ right to bargain and strike.

Canadian Union of Public Employees’ Fred Hahn says they are asking the government to accept the ruling.

The focus should not be on using public money to continue to fight workers but rather to invest and make the public services people rely on us stronger by supporting the people that do that important work,” says Hahn.

The unions say if an appeal goes ahead, they will be ready.

Ontario Federation of Labour’s Patty Coates says the ruling shows that when labour is united, they win.

“We know our work is not over. We will continue to stand up for workers in the face of Ford’s attacks. We will take them on at every turn and win,” says Coates.

The interim president of the Ontario Nurses Association, Bernie Robinson, says it is time to put an end to the fight.

“It is time to stop wasting the taxpayers’ dollars fighting nurses, healthcare professionals and other public sector workers in court,” says Robinson.

In the legislature, Attorney General Doug Downey says the government intends to appeal the ruling but is still reviewing the decision.



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