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Dieppe Reduces Property Tax Rate For 2023

By Allan Dearing Nov 29, 2022 | 4:55 PM

Strong construction growth and surging property assessments have boosted the City of Dieppe’s tax base by 15 percent in 2023.

Dieppe City Council adopted next year’s budget at a regular public meeting on Monday.

Homeowners will see a drop in their property tax rate by 7.95 cents which now stands at $1.46 per $100 of assessed value.

Annual water and sewer bills will remain the same at $948.

“The next few years will be particularly important for the development of Dieppe, which is why we have allocated an increased budget envelope for environmental initiatives such as the tree planting program, as well as $250,000 for the creation of affordable housing,” said Mayor Yvon Lapierre.

“With the vision of becoming the destination of choice for francophone immigration in the Atlantic region, special attention will be given to this file in the coming year,” he added.

Dieppe Council adopted an $85.8 million operating budget for 2023 with $71.1 million going to the general operating budget and $14.7 million to the water and sewer budget.

The capital budgets were also approved with $23 million for the general capital budget and $2.2 million for the water and sewer capital budget.

“Major projects are slated for the coming year, including the reconstruction of Gauvin Road between Marché and Collège, the reconstruction of Emmanuel Street, and the repaving of sections of Champlain Street,” said Director of Finance Stéphane Thériault.

“On the transit side, we will be purchasing a new bus, adding an audio-visual system to the buses in our fleet, upgrading and adding bus shelters, and enhancing the On-Demand Transit program.”

As a result of the Province of New Brunswick’s local governance reform, Dieppe is adding over 800 new residents as of January 1, 2023.

The City of Dieppe will take on new municipal responsibilities for some residents of the Local Service Districts of Greater Lakeburn and Scoudouc.

Under a five-year catch-up plan, the rate will be $0.5445 per $100 of assessed value for existing residents of the LSD of Greater Lakeburn joining the City of Dieppe and $0.4677 for residents of Scoudouc, in addition to a second rate paid directly to the Province for services it will continue to provide, such as those related to roads.

General operating budget

Revenue sources:

  • Property taxes $65.1 million
  • Community funding grant and equalization payment $900,000
  • Other revenue $5.1 million

TOTAL $71.1 million

Breakdown of spending (in percentages):

  • Administration 9.6
  • Valuation cost 1.2
  • Police 11.9
  • Fire 10.2
  • Cost of water 3.0
  • Transportation 7.5
  • Other protective measures 6.2
  • Communications 1.7
  • Leisure, culture and community life 15.6
  • Buildings and municipal fleet 3.8
  • Financial services 9.2
  • Operational capital 16.2
  • Engineering 2.8
  • Reserve 0.6


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