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Provincial Vehicle Thefts Increase

By Tamara Steele Nov 25, 2022 | 5:50 AM

An RCMP cruiser. Image: staff photo

More vehicles are being stolen in New Brunswick this year, according to the RCMP.

Mounties issued a warning to the public Thursday about a significant increase in vehicle thefts in recent months.

The increase is higher in the Moncton and Southeast areas of the province, said police.

  • The RCMP are asking vehicle owners to take steps to protect their vehicles, which include
  • Ensuring that your vehicle is locked at all times when parked
  • Removing any sets of keys or key fobs from the vehicle when not in use
  • Storing your key fob in a box that blocks its signal, such as a faraday box
  • Using a device that locks the steering wheel
  • Removing your keys from the front entrance of your home when your home is unlocked
  • Parking your vehicle in a well-lit area or a garage where available

“Taking even a few of these steps can help make your vehicle less of a desirable target for theft”, says Cpl. Hans Ouellette of the New Brunswick RCMP. “Making it more difficult for someone to access your vehicle may make a thief less interested in spending the time to take it.”

Victims of vehicle theft or anyone with information regarding a stolen vehicle should contact their local police.


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