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Police Make Second Arrest In Russow Murder

By Adam Riley Nov 25, 2022 | 6:55 PM

A second person has been arrested in connection into the death of Rusty Russow.

The 37 year old’s body was found on November 17th at a Pearl Street address however police believe he had been killed three days prior.

23 year old Harley Loon of Thunder Bay was arrested Thursday and charged with first degree murder, he is the brother of 29 year old Travis Loon, who was arrested two days prior and also charged with first degree murder.

But despite having all, who police believe are involved in the murder, in custody Detective Inspector Jeremy Pearson says the investigation isn’t quite done yet.

“An investigation such as this, one that is by its very nature complex, its work intensive and resource intensive. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done, even after the arrest. Especially after the arrest, so the investigation remains on going.”

Pearson adds investigators have expanded the window for which they are requesting public information, especially in light of the fact that the victim was killed days before being discovered.

When asked if the murder was connected to the drug trade in the city Pearson had this to say:

“We remain open to all avenues of the investigation, we remain open to any new information we receive. What I have said and reiterate, at this point I’m not prepared to suggest this is directly connected to either the illicit drug trade or as has been posed previously connected to gang activity. We remain, as I say, actively investigating.”

Pearson says there is no evidence either of a firearm being used in the murder.

Both Travis and Harley Loon have both been remanded into custody.

14 murders have occurred in Thunder Bay so far this year.





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