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Power Transmission Project Hits Another Milestone

By Adam Riley Nov 24, 2022 | 7:17 PM

Source: Twitter @wataynikaneyap

Kingfisher Lake, located some 518 kilometres North of Thunder Bay, is no longer reliant upon diesel generators for power.

This marks the latest milestone for the Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Project, that when completed, will connect more than 18 thousand people living in 16 remote First Nation communities to the provincial power grid.

Previous milestones include the connection of Pikangikum in 2018, North Caribou Lake which powered up last month and the completion and energization of a 300 kilometre long 230 kilovolt line from Dinorwic to Pickle Lake.

Kingfisher Lake Chief Eddie Mamakwa believes moving off of diesel power will unlock potential for his community.

“Access to reliable energy will lead to many improvements for our people and the community. Schools, households, and businesses have been negatively impacted by frequent power outages. Improvements in healthcare, education, food security, and technology will no longer be constrained by the limited capacity of the diesel generators.”

Some new development unlocked by this milestone for Kingfisher Lake includes the opening of a new school and new housing.

The excitement of this latest milestone is also being felt by Wataynikaneyap Power CEO Margaret Kenequanash, and has her focused on the next phase.

“With a clear mandate from our Chiefs and support from our partners, connection to the provincial power grid brings reliable, clean energy to our communities through infrastructure majority-owned by 24 First Nations.”

Additionally the project, valued at nearly two billion dollars, is supporting economic growth in northwestern Ontario by connecting First Nation people and communities with affordable electricity and good, local jobs. The cutting of local diesel-powered generation also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and noise in the community.



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