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Thunder Bay Ranks In Top 10 For Canada’s Greenest Cities

By Katie Nicholls Nov 22, 2022 | 10:19 AM

Derek Hatfield / CC

In a real estate study out of Calgary, city’s across the country were ranked for their “greenness”.

The Greenness Score had three contributing factors and was out of 100 total points.

Calgary.com puts Prince Albert Saskatchewan in first place. Their numbers indicate there are 28.1 hectares of park per 1,000 people.

Second place is held by Edmonton, with a much lower score of 6.2 hectares/1k people and third place goes to Gatineau.

Thunder Bay placed seventh, as there are 19.2 hectares of park per 1,000 people, six per cent of the city is made up of parkland and there are 10 community gardens.


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