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MacKenzie Orthodontics will be relocating to a new, larger space on King Street next year. Image: Tamara Steele.

Orthodontic Clinic Expanding Into Larger Uptown Space

By Tamara Steele Nov 21, 2022 | 4:54 AM

An uptown orthodontic clinic has grown out of its space and will move into a larger home next year.

Dr. Liliya MacKenzie of MacKenzie Orthodontics said her current practice is less than 1,000 square feet on Charlotte Street.

“I honestly didn’t foresee the growth that the practice would experience. We love the location we are in. We love the uptown vibe. We wanted to stay uptown,” MacKenzie said.

The practice will move into a 3,000-square-foot-space at 53 King Street which used to be home to the Business Development Bank of Canada.

MacKenzie said converting office space into a dental clinic is always challenging.

“Because of the plumbing, the electrical and our specialized equipment, but that’s why we work with experienced contractors and great planners who can figure out how everything can fit together,” MacKenzie said.

MacKenzie said she is so excited to be in the new space. She was looking at the space for a year and a half and initially thought it might be too much.

“Over time as I went to see it, I realized the bank had done a really good job with the renovations in the back where they have some offices and a boardroom which I’ll be able to use for my team and to invite dentists just to give presentations,” MacKenzie said.

She said she was craving natural light in her workspace, which this new workspace will allow.

“The floor-to-ceiling windows were a huge attraction and I also love the visibility for the business,” MacKenzie said.

Planning is underway now with renovations planned for February or March and a move into the completed space by May or June.

As for hiring, MacKenzie doesn’t plan to expand the team much.

“Over the last eight years, I have had the same team of four. Just recently, we hired a fifth team member and we’re very excited about that. I don’t plan to expand my team much more than this,” said MacKenzie.

“I really pride myself on having a small practice where we all know our patients by their names and all the patients know us. We’re able to work quite efficiently and we’re looking forward to using the larger space.”


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