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Smile Cookie Campaign Total Has Two Charities With Giant Grins

By Adam Riley Nov 16, 2022 | 5:11 PM

The numbers are in from this years Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie Campaign and like the cookies themselves they have the recipients smiling with $80, 760 raised.

That money will be going towards to deserving children’s organizations here in the city, Toys for Tots Thunder Bay and the George Jeffrey Children’s Foundation, which will split the proceeds 50/50 ($40,380.12).

Executive Director Cindy Levanto says while George Jeffrey does receive government funding, more than 90 percent of that money goes to operational costs, meaning this money will go directly to enhancing the lives of children with the foundation, including the purchase of equipment.

“For instance our holiday campaign, which we are going to fund raise for, a gate chair treadmill with a assisted lifting device. It helps free up hands for the clinicians and and keeps the child safe while they are on a treadmill.”

Levanto adds she was very impressed by the overall total dollars raised especially considering  one of the city’s Tim Hortons was closed for renovations during the campaign.

Toys for Tots Chair Paul Penna was left almost speechless by the amount raised.

“It’s pretty amazing, we’ve been pretty lucky enough to be recipients for, I think, over 10 years now of the Tim Horton’s cookie campaign, and its been a wonderful kick off year after year for us.”

Penna believes due to economic pressures there will be more demand for Toys for Tots this year, so receiving such a large amount will go a long way.

Since its inception the Smile Cookie Campaign has raised more than 75 million dollars across the country.



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