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Health Officials Warn Against Triple Threat

By Tim Davidson Nov 14, 2022 | 1:48 PM

Its being called a triple threat.

Influenza, RSV and COVID cases are on the rise across Ontario and North America.

Dr. Kieran Moore is the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario and says it’s important that we add an extra level of protection to protect against getting or passing on illness.

“As we go indoors, my principal message today is to protect our children, follow all the layers of protection,” Dr. Moore told a press conference Monday morning.

“Our hospital system needs us to protect our children more and more.  And it’s not just masking, its the layers of protection.”

Dr. Moore adds that’s important to protect children, especially those under the age of five, who are more vulnerable to these illnesses.

“I’m very concerned about our children.  And it’s best that we protect them through masking in the home environment and in any social situation as we go into what will be a very social environment.”

Dr. Moore is also encouraging all Ontario residents to get a flu shot, and if eligible a COVID-19 booster as well.

He adds there is not vaccine against RSV yet.


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