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New Digital Equipment in Place

By Randy Thoms Nov 14, 2022 | 3:28 PM

Members of the Riverside Foundation for Health Care's Picture This! Campaign cut the ribbon to new digital equipment at LaVerendrye Hospital's Diagnostic Imaging Department, Nov. 10, 2022. Image: Randy Thoms

New digital equipment is now in use at LaVerendrye Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging Department.

The recent Picture This Campaign helped acquire a new CT scanner, digital mammography unit and upgraded X-ray rooms from analogue to digital.

Members of the Riverside Foundation for Health Care’s Picture This! Campaign present Riverside Health Care CAO Henry Gauthier with $1.7 M for new digital equipment at LaVerendrye Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging Department, Nov. 10, 2022. Image: Randy Thoms

The campaign raised $1.7 million in eight months, surpassing its original goal by $200 thousand when it wrapped up in January, two months ahead of schedule.

Medical Radiation Technologist Tiffany Dolyny says it has given Fort Frances and area residents access to the latest in medical technology.

“We’re very fortunate to live in the community that we live in. We all come together to make a difference for everybody involved in our community and our surrounding communities, as well,” says Dolyny.

The new equipment makes it easier for staff to get clear images, helping doctors, specialists and others make a proper diagnosis.

“The nice thing about the new upgrade with the CT machine is that we can have an instant viewer that us techs can view the imaging a lot quicker than before. We can view it quicker to see if there’s a need to repeat (the scan) due to patient motion, patient condition, anything along that line,” says Dolyny.

The biggest reduction in time is with the X-ray room going from analogue to digital.

Previously it took about three minutes before the first images would appear on such things as a chest x-ray. It is now taking about thirty seconds.

LaVerendrye Hospital’s X-ray room

“We take the image. It pops right up on the screen. So that’s great for our difficult patients, patients are having a hard time holding children, for example,” says Dolyny.

Dolyny says the new equipment brings the Fort Frances hospital to a level enjoyed by larger hospitals elsewhere using the same technology.

Patients benefit as a result.

LaVerendrye Hospital’s CT Scanner. Image: Randy Thoms

“The CT, for example, is huge as it helps people avoid travel to Thunder Bay, Winnipeg or whatnot for their scanning. We do people sometimes every three months,” notes Dolyny. “So it definitely helps with reducing travel time.”

Fellow MRT Chalina Abraham credits the public for their support in the Picture This! Campaign.

“We wouldn’t have gotten the upgrades without that campaign,” says Abraham.

Riverside Foundation for Health Care’s 50/50 draws played a role in the campaign’s reach its goal.

Those draws continue with the funds now being earmarked for other hospital needs.



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