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Over 100 Facing Homelessness on South Shore This Winter

By Evan Taylor Nov 10, 2022 | 1:52 PM

Mark Moz / CC

With the start of colder temperatures concerns are growing for those living on the South Shore without permanent housing.

Lisa Ryan Executive Director of the South Shore Open Doors Association (SSODA) says a combination of factors has pushed many people into dire financial situations that have left them without housing options. “With people still recovering from the pandemic, the rising cost of living and the overall shortage of housing supply around the South Shore has led to many families unable to find affordable safe housing,” said, Ryan.

In recent weeks Ryan says more and more people have been contacting SSODA to try and find help. The organization offers assistance in various ways, in some cases directly assisting people in finding housing and in some cases directing them to other government services that can assist with housing.

As a newly formed non-profit SSODA and it’s resources are limited but Ryan says they have helped find temporary solutions for some families, finding housing in hotels, and other non-permanent solutions.

“We are entering winter with roughly 120 households that have very limited to no shelter options,” Ryan said.

The people coming to SSODA for help are in most cases facing homelessness for the first time in their lives, leaving many with questions about what resources are available to them according to Ryan.

Ultimately Ryan believes a fulsome effort from all branches of the government is needed in order to solve the housing crisis as currently new affordable housing is not being built at the required speeds needed to meet Nova Scotia’s population growth.

In an effort to raise awareness on the issue of homelessness on the South Shore SSODA in partnership with other organizations is hosting an event on November 22, which is National Housing Day.


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