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Diesel And Heating Oil Prices Drop By 28 Cents

By Brad Perry Nov 10, 2022 | 5:55 AM

A bit of relief for New Brunswickers who are in need of diesel or heating oil.

Prices for both fuels dropped Wednesday night after staggering increases last week.

Diesel is now selling for a maximum price of $2.71, a drop of more than 28 cents.

The price for heating oil fell by nearly 27 cents to a new maximum of $2.50 per litre.

Even after two days of price decreases, both fuels still cost about 50 cents per litre more than they did just over a week ago.

Prices for both fuels shot up by 17 cents per litre last Thursday night and nearly 70 cents the following night.

Meanwhile, drivers who use gasoline are not getting the same kind of relief after this week’s regular adjustment by the Energy and Utilities Board.

Regular self-serve shot up by more than 4.5 cents overnight to a new maximum of $1.89 per litre, but you should be able to find it for a few cents less at most local fuel stations.

The price for propane went up by 1.3 cents to nearly $1.17 per litre.

You can view all of the maximum fuel prices by clicking here.


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