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Education Workers Agree to End Work Stoppage

By Randy Thoms Nov 7, 2022 | 2:07 PM

Several Unions stand side by side during a media conference held by CUPE's Ontario School Board Council of Unions, Nov. 7, 2022.

The union representing education workers is heading back to the bargaining table.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees says it is accepting Premier Doug Ford’s offer he announced this morning to repeal Bill 28 in its entirety if the four-day-old strike ended.

President of CUPE’s Ontario School Board Council of Unions Laura Walton says workers will return to work tomorrow.

“We hope that this gesture is met with the same good faith by this government in a new proposal at the bargaining table as soon as possible. And I will be clear. We’re here waiting right now. The time is ticking,” says Walton.

The union’s media conference was delayed by almost an hour because they were waiting to receive Ford’s offer in writing.

CUPE Ontario representatives were joined by National president Mark Hancock and representatives from several other labour groups who were prepared to step up their fight against Bill 28.

Hancock would not say what kind of campaign that would have been had the Premier not promised to repeal the bill.

Walton says Ford is recalling the legislature and has spoken with the NDP about striking down the legislation that tried to prevent workers from striking and force a four-year deal on them.

Walton credits workers and others who supported them for standing up to Ford.

The organization of members moved the government to this place, and the organization and mobilization of members will ensure a real deal is achieved at the table now that this draconian legislation has been removed,” says Walton.

No dates have been set for when negotiations will resume.

Walton adds their request for a wage increase of $3.25 an hour for all workers remains on the table.

She says if the new round of bargaining fails to meet their needs, the union will consider staging another work stoppage to back demands.


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