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$1.6 Million Funding Boost For Rural Housing

By Tara Clow Nov 7, 2022 | 2:48 PM

A boost for affordable housing in New Brunswick.

The federal and provincial governments announced a combined $1.6 million to create the Housing Hub of New Brunswick, a non-profit group with a focus on rural rental housing.

President and CEO of the New Brunswick Business Council and Interim President for the Housing Hub Alex Leblanc says affordable housing is very important, “The Council understands that an adequate supply of affordable housing is vital to the success of our communities and our provincial economy. Existing housing shortages, decreases in rural housing development, immigration and a retiring population are combined to create a heavier impact on rural communities, which account for approximately half of the population of New Brunswick. This new organization is going to work hand in hand with existing non-profits and co-ops in rural communities to get shovel-ready projects going and to create more housing for a growing population in New Brunswick.”

(Photo: TDCB)

More information is expected in the coming months, as to how much housing is needed, “We are doing a housing study right now on housing demand, but we are looking to build hundreds of rental units in rural New Brunswick in the coming years,” Leblanc says.

He adds in the coming weeks they will be looking for a Chief Development Officer for the Housing Hub of New Brunswick and they are also hiring a staff team to start advancing projects in 2023.

(Photo: TDCB)

ACOA Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor says we need labour force growth, but workers also need a place to live, “This is very front and centre. If we want to attract workers, we have to ensure we have the appropriate housing stock. The Housing Hub of New Brunswick will increase the availability of affordable housing, helping to support population growth and making our communities better places to live, work and raise a family.”

The provincial portion of this project, which is $800, 000 is coming from the Regional Development Corporation, while the federal government’s contribution of $800, 000 is being invested through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.”

“Housing affordability is a challenge in every part of New Brunswick and creates unique challenges in rural communities,” says Jill Green, who is the Minister responsible for housing. “This is a wonderful first step. There isn’t one solution that is going to solve this, so we need different organizations to help us solve the housing crisis in the province. Having a group like the Housing Hub of New Brunswick to help in the rural areas is extremely important.”


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