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PAW Launches Cat Room Campaign

By Tara Clow Nov 3, 2022 | 1:28 PM

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue (formerly known as Animal Rescue and Adpotion Society) / CC

Last year, over 1200 cats came through the PAW shelter in Moncton, and demand is rising.

Director of Development with People for Animal Wellbeing, Todd Merrill says new cages in their planned Cat room will triple the capacity, “The existing kennels in the one cat room were no longer meeting the needs.  By demolishing them and installing Clark cages, they are just a lot easier for cleaning and sanitizing and they have side-to-side port holes where the cats can roam through.  Because they are vertical, it increases the amount of space for us to take cats.”

The room will also be wheelchair accessible and will include an area where the cats can interact with the felines.

“We’ll be able to put in a little cat area where they can roam free when people come in for cat adoptions and the people will be able to interact with the cats,” Merrill says.

They are also looking at putting in a new kitchen area, with two industrial dishwashers, because they are currently washing everything by hand.

The goal is to raise $65, 000 through donations and government grants.

“We are currently closing in on $6,000 But the campaign has only been in operation for around a week. We’re still looking at two more weeks of the campaign, and we’re putting a final push out into the community this week to hopefully at least come close to our goal. It was a three-week campaign that we were looking at,” Merrill says.

As to their current cat situation, Merrill says they are close to capacity right now, but he feels that’s similar to most shelters right now.

“So with this renovation, that is going to help us take in even more cats to serve the community,” Merrill adds.

If you would like to donate, you can find more details at pawspca.ca


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