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Lunenburg RCMP Rescue Hunter Trapped In Mud

By Evan Taylor Nov 2, 2022 | 12:36 PM

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A hunting incident that took place this week in Lunenburg County is serving as a reminder of the importance of letting someone know your plans prior to heading out after a hunter became stuck in a mudhole for most of Tuesday near Middlewood.

Cpl. Chris Marshall says RCMP were alerted to the missing hunter late in the evening after they had failed to return when they were supposed to. RCMP were told the hunter had left his home around 9 a.m. near Llewllyn Road and using that information they began coordinating search efforts.

RCMP along with other emergency responders began searching the area the hunter was believed to be around 9:00 p.m., and shortly after an officer located the hunter sunk deep into an area of damp mud. The officer was able to pull the hunter out from the mud, he then walked him out to an area where he could be picked up by an ATV.

“The hunter had done some preplanning, letting someone know generally where he would be and when he would be back, so they did the right things on that front that helped speed up our search efforts,” said Cpl. Chris Marshall.

However Cpl. Marshall says anyone planning to do extended outdoor excursion should always take those steps, but he also says they should check the weather as in this case the hunter was slightly underdressed for the conditions.

The hunter who is said to be older in age was taken to hospital following his rescue to be treated for signs of exposure, though they have since been released and are said to be recovering well.





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