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Fears Grow Over Private Healthcare Expansion

By Allan Dearing Nov 1, 2022 | 6:11 AM

The New Brunswick legislature in Fredericton. Image: Brad Perry

One hundred people have signed letters which have been sent to all New Brunswick MLA’s over growing concerns about private healthcare being expanded in the public system.

Moncton resident Jean-Claude Basque spearheaded the letter noting how there are dangers in going down the privatization road.

“Then we are losing the ability to develop where our system would go and the second dangerous thing certainly is accountability.”

Basque noted how private companies are businesses which function differently than government.

“If we want the same level of services and the same quality, it is going to cost more than the public system because you have to remember these companies are there to make money.”

Basque said accessibility is another concern since most healthcare services are based in the three largest cities and are far removed from rural areas.

The letters were sent more than a week ago and as of Tuesday, none of the MLA’s had responded.


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