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Timo Brielmann: Dawson Township Candidate

By Randy Thoms Oct 23, 2022 | 3:09 PM

93.1 The Border is asked candidates running for election a few questions about the reasons behind their decision to run.

Timo Brielmann is a candidate seeking to become a councillor with the township of Dawson.

Here are the answers to the questions we asked.

Why are you running for office?

I’m running for office to bring some fresh young blood and viewpoints to council. I’m only 32 years old, and there are a lot of new young families in our township that I can relate to and represent. 


What are the main issues you see your community facing over the next four years?

I think one of the main issues we will be facing is the growth of agriculture and agricultural-related business. If it’s infrastructure establishment, land clearing or just large equipment operating in the fields, the township’s landscape is changing, and the use of the land is evolving. Many issues arise when agriculture and residential zones meet.  


How would you tackle those issues?

I would tackle these issues by consensus building. Hearing everyone’s concerns and meeting in middle ground while adhering to municipal laws and regulations. 


What qualities or qualifications can you bring to the position?

For qualifications, I have a Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph, majoring in Organic Agriculture. I run my own businesses in the township of Dawson and employ local people. I’ve lived here all my life. Went to school, came back and plan to stay! I’ve served on other boards, such as the Grain Farmers of Ontario, so I have a strong understanding of how meetings are run and large organizations are managed. 


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