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MOH Looks Ahead With Concern

By Adam Riley Oct 21, 2022 | 7:02 PM

The District’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Janet DeMille says the region continues to have a moderate to high level of Covid-19, noting unlike after previous waves where case levels dropped to a lower baseline, they have in fact gone up. Which could pose as a problem with flu season right on the doorstep.

“So when you think of the two of them combining and making things a lot worse, and as well there’s the other viruses that circulate at this time of year.”

In addition, a stretched out medical system as a result of the virus and other chronic issues, DeMille says the outlook into the next couple of months is quite concerning. She’s encouraging residents to consider rolling up their sleeves for the now available Bivalent vaccine and seasonal flu shot, both of which can be received at the same time.

Meanwhile masking requirements coming back into effect, as referenced by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kieran Moore last week, may not be the first go to as health officials do what they can to counter rising Covid cases.

DeMille says it is reasonable to attempt to navigate the situation without reintroducing mandates, but won’t rule anything out.

“If we saw for example a variant or a sub-variant that was worse, or pressures on the hospital or healthcare system were very significant, then there might need to be the stronger measures.”

But she notes she doesn’t see anything coming on the immediate horizon, and equates mandates as being just another tool in the toolbox.



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