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Housing Project In Yarmouth Stalled

By Kevin Northup Oct 20, 2022 | 12:22 PM

Mayor Pam Mood and Yarmouth MLA Zach Churchill stand outside the former Yarmouth High School on Parade Street in February, 2021 (Contributed Photo)

A housing project in the Town of Yarmouth is up in the air.

The town had a deal in place with a developer to turn the former Yarmouth high school on Parade Street into mixed-housing units.

But that deal is no longer in place, according to Mayor Pam Mood.

She says costs have gone up due to inflation.

“For example, if I say something is going to cost $1,000, and I budget for that, but now it’s $2,500-$3,000? I have to re-think how I’m going to do my business plan,” says Mood.

She says the developers are still at the table, but they need to figure out a way forward.

Mood says it’s tough to find contractors in these economic times.

“It’s not just the high school, it’s anything. It’s 2022 and people say COVID is over? It’s not. We’re starting to feel the economic repercussions of that.”

Mood says the town put 650 thousand dollars toward the project, even though housing is not a municipal responsibility.

She says if the project goes forward, it will likely look different than the 54-mixed units that were proposed.


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