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Fundraiser Features Raw, Funny Mental Health Performance

By Tamara Steele Oct 19, 2022 | 4:41 PM

Wellness Warrior Victoria Maxwell shared her journey with bipolar disorder and psychosis. Image by Tamara Steele.

Hundreds attended a sold-out fundraiser for the Sophia Recovery Centre in Saint John.

The centre offers support to women seeking recovery.

Self-described bipolar princess Victoria Maxwell described her journey with mental health in a raw, funny performance.

She takes steps to protect her mental health when travelling.

“I make sure all my other clients know I am travelling so this is what I can focus on,” Maxwell said.

She also tries to quality sleep, eat well and exercise where possible.

Ahead of her performance, she encouraged the audience at the Delta Marriott on Wednesday morning to laugh and take care of themselves if they felt triggered.

“I told people to laugh I think because it helps people to listen and allows them to come on a journey and it makes it easier to digest sometimes more difficult and serious subjects,” Maxwell said.

Maxwell said she understands some may be experiencing turmoil right now so she wants people to protect themselves.

She used to work as an actor in the 90s on tv shows and movies with Johnny Depp, David Duchovny and John Travolta.

While she loved the work, she didn’t like the unpredictable, inconsistent nature of it.

After a period of time in the hospital, she took work in an office setting for the structure but later began to crave creativity so she applied for work at a disability arts festival.

“I said I had a book and I could read excerpts and they said yes. But, I didn’t have a book and I didn’t have excerpts. So I ran to my friend who was a director and said, ‘help me write something!’ I wrote a few scenes and performed it there and people invited me to other places. It sort of snowballed from there,” Maxwell said.

A similar event, also for the Sophia Recovery Centre, was held on Tuesday in Saint Andrews.


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