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New License Plate Scam Making the Rounds

By Katie Nicholls Oct 18, 2022 | 10:47 AM

Maxim Ilyahov / Unsplash

A new scam is making the rounds, this one is circling around license plates.

Thunder Bay Police Service has been made aware of a licence plate rebate that scams email addresses and phone numbers.

In one recently reported case, a victim was contacted by a scammer through email who indicated that the victim had an outstanding license plate renewal rebate that could be deposited directly to their account.

The email, and associated link, were convincing and appeared to be from Service Ontario. However, when the victim entered their banking information for the promised rebate, the scammers then withdrew funds from the account.

Please remember to never click links in emails or text messages.

You have the right to hang up the phone on unsolicited calls and delete suspicious emails.

If you believe a caller or email may be legitimate, find the contact information of the company or institution they purport to be associated with independently. Then contact them on your own terms to follow up on their claims.

Never use the contact information provided to you by the suspected fraudster.

Remember, while some scams may be haphazardly put together, others can feature very convincing messaging and professional-looking websites.

Please take time to speak to friends and family members who may be more vulnerable and susceptible to scams.

For more information about protecting yourself from scams please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca).


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