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New Head Coach For 40th Season Of Riverview Swim Club

By News Oct 18, 2022 | 12:26 PM

(Photo: 91.9 The Bend)

A sports team based in Riverview is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The Codiac Vikings Aquatic Club has a long history, with a current membership of over 130 swimmers.

The team swims out of the Pat Crossman Memorial Aquatic Centre.

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This season they launched with new Head Coach John McLeod, “For me, my ultimate goal is, I don’t want to be my swimmer’s last Coach. A lot of people see sport as a period in your life and I firmly disagree with that. I think the sport needs to be a life skill and something you do throughout your life.”

Head Coach John McLeod

McLeod says this sport opens doors for the future, “Once they’re (swimmers) done high school swimming, they’re off to University or they’re off to Coaching. Maybe they’re finding a job on the pool deck with Lifesaving sport or Lifeguarding. Ultimately I just want to open those doors for swimmers and show them that swimming can be a part of your life.”

Former Head Coach Melanie Melanson retired in July of this year after five years with the Club.

The Codiac Vikings Aquatic Club was formed in 1982 in a merger of the St. Pat’s Orcas and the Moncton Marlins.

(Photo: 91.9 The Bend)

“Generally when a big milestone (40th anniversary) comes up, people start talking about the old days and alumni start popping up. I think it’s exciting for me because we get to reflect on our history and reflect on the future that is coming up. It gives us something also to kind of plan around with our practices and our events coming up. I know we’re thinking about doing some special activities for the fortieth anniversary of one of our upcoming competitions in January. I’d like to continue the long tradition that the 40 years of coaches have had with his team,” McLeod says.

McLeod re-emphasized how important swimming is especially for those living in Atlantic Canada, “Moncton is on a river. We’re surrounded by lakes and rivers and being safe in the water is important for a lot of families. If you already have that in mind for your swimmer, our team would probably be a really good fit for you.

The Codiac Vikings Aquatic Club is one of two competitive swim teams in Greater Moncton.

(Photo: 91.9 The Bend)


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