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Most Canadians Feeling Financial Pressure

By Kevin Northup Oct 17, 2022 | 12:06 PM


Inflation is changing our shopping habits.

Narrative Research has published several surveys over the last few months on the rising cost-of-living, and how it’s affecting our daily lives.

COO and partner Margaret Chapman says 92 percent of Canadians are concerned about affordability.

“People are making choices at the grocery store, or considering how they’re going to fill up their car. Are they going to do it as often, or is that trip worthwhile? These are questions people are asking themselves,” says Chapman.

She says people are also worried about the supply chain, so they’re buying in bulk.

Twenty-percent of Canadians are growing their own food to cope with rising prices.

Chapman says households that make less than 100 thousand dollars were more concerned about affordable housing.

Click play below to hear an interview with Margaret Chapman of Narrative Research from the program ‘The Weekender.’


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